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18 Operations Available

MathX brings the power of a graphic and scientific calculator on your iPhone and iPad. It can solve more than 18 operations and gives you step-by-step explanations.

Powerful Calculator

MathX is packed with a standard calculator that gives you instant answers as you type. It helps you perform your day-to-day calculations more easily than a traditional calculator.

Graphical Representation

MathX turns your iPhone and iPad into a truly scientific graphing calculator. Just type your equation and see its graphic. You can compare up to seven different functions simultaneously on the same graph.

Show graphs on a external display using AirPlay or HDMI video out.

Plot up to seven different functions simultaneously on the same graph.

MathX makes it easy to share your graph with a cast of dozens. Graphics can be sent via services such as Evernote or Dropbox.

Sharing Functions

Sharing with MathX is as easy as 1+1 = 2. Just tap Share to export your calculation in PDF, plain text, or image. Take benefit of Evernote, Dropbox and third-party services to share calculations with anyone you want.

Δ = b² - 4ac

For a better understanding, formulas that have been used in MathX are explained. Create MaTeX documents to include your own formulas, definitions, and theorems into MathX, and use iCloud to sync custom documents between your devices.

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Ready to learn

Designed to take advantage of iOS technologies, MathX comes with a set of educational tools for iPhone and iPad.

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